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Crypto rumours, read more on Daniele Marinelli’s blog

Crypto rumours, read more on Daniele Marinelli’s blog

The outcome of rumours about Bitcoin is too much for your blog?! Check it out on Daniele Marinelli’s crypto blog – where big data, fintech and DTSocialize news are always featured on the home page.

Don’t worry, the Bitcoin situation will not automatically mean that the price of bitcoin is going constantly to drop until reaching zero without investor control. However, it’s important to understand that their price will rapidly shift because there are lots of factors that recently affected Bitcoin and also other major cryptocurrencies. In fact, especially when there are rumours related to government actions, even if they have no solid sources, there will inevitably be huge shifts, and the price can drop down or rise almost instantly. Read more: Daniele Marinelli.

As a matter of fact, a change in the government policy, or in this case a possible change, will inevitably affect the market that revolves around cryptocurrencies and their investors should keep track of the constant shift in the price if they don’t want to be caught by surprise. The paradox here is while the major cryptocurrencies will be greatly changed in this time of shifting government policies, the less known cryptocurrencies will keep the usual price, but we must also say that those lesser cryptocurrencies have already a really shifting price normally, without any change in the government policies.









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So in the end the change in the government policies does not surely imply a price drop of the major cryptocurrencies so the investors should not panic without reason. However, the almost certain thing is that when the wind of changes blows in the direction of the cryptocurrencies, the investors should really keep an eye on the rapid shifts of the prices if they don’t want any nasty surprises. So if you are an investor in the major cryptocurrencies don’t fall into despair, just keep monitoring the situation and you will manage to get the best from this situation.

The return of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been hit by a severe crisis that has seen the hopes of many investors who have invested heavily in this crypto currency plummet. Not all hopes are lost, however, because as many had claimed the crypto currency has begun its slow ascent. 

After the recent problems involving the sudden drop in Bitcoin prices it seems that in recent days the crypto currency has started to rise again. After a very significant loss of value in these recent months, it seems that Bitcoin has recovered and its value is growing again. There was an initial sudden drop that then led to some of the worst weeks ever seen for crypto currency and to start it all were some rumors about a change in government policy. It would have been decided to increase surveillance and controls on all digital assets, which alone has begun to bring down the price of Bitcoin and discourage investors to continue to bet on this crypto currency.

In any case, before investors return to heavily invest in Bitcoins again, they are waiting for the full consequences of the complete possible regulation regarding cryptocurrencies but above all for how much their circulation in the market will be affected. In fact, there have been proposals very contrary to their use especially by some nations, which at least for the moment have not yet stopped the relaunch of the currency. Bitcoin today has stabilized in a price range ranging in dollars from 40k to 43k but as we have seen in the previous period it seems to be a period of great uncertainty that will certainly be characterised by other sudden fluctuations.

On this subject, too, there are conflicting opinions. Many believe that this will be a period of great instability that will last for a long time until something happens in terms of regulations that will put an end to the fluctuations going in fact to affect the final fate and value of Bitcoin. Others are convinced that the crypto currency will stabilize in the short term and return to the state before this latest crisis.

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